PATH Certifications


What is PATH Certification?

PATH Certification is designed to help health coaches, counselors, therapists, nurse case managers, physicians, and related organizations utilize PATH insights to “speak” to individuals in ways they will respond to based on their dominant PATH Identity. The PATH are nine well-defined patterns underlying individual response to health-related situations. Adults who share the same PATH tend to share specific affective response, habits, and goal-directed behaviors encoded in language in response to experienced and familiar contexts. 

PATH to Understanding the PatientEach PATH Identity defines a pattern of traits and biases that influences an adult’s capacity to learn about health, respond to health-related communications, engage in health prevention, adhere to a healthy or restricted diet, and adopt and maintain required levels of physical activity.

Certification in the PATH empowers those treating or targeting the improvement of health outcomes within a population to use knowledge of PATH Identities to:

  • improve engagement
  • improve behavior change
  • improve health outcomes and reductions in the cost of care.

The PATH Certification allows professionals, practitioners, and coaches how address a fairly comprehensive list of factors that shape, influence and describe the range of individual adult response to practically all forms of health-related communications from one to many print and broadcast to one-to-one personal exchange. 

The Proof

The power and efficacy of PATH Certification was demonstrated by clinicians in a disease management setting. A summary of the year long experimental trail outcomes can be found here: PATH Experimental Trial Executive Summary.